Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I Will Live the Beer Money Way

We all want to live our lives in the most content and enjoyed way possible; doing what we love and love what we are doing. However, few of us seem to actually be happy, especially when it comes to financial and employment.

Why is this so?

Personally, I am tired of the '9 to 5' lifestyle (who isn't???) in that work has become too much of who I am, and who I want to be. My family, friends, and loved ones all are in this trance of having a career be the definition of who we are. Indeed, some degree of it should, it just seems I have been living my life backwards.

So, with this idea, I am starting my career, my life, completely fresh. It's time to just be happy with life, and that includes the working part as well.

Them, how do we make money doing what we love?
A philosophy I immediately created was The Beer Money Method. For me, I want to make enough money to have payed the bills, and some left over... for beer money. It doesn't mean I want to make millions as fast as possible, though granted that would be awesome to accomplish. However, I just want to make some extra cash to be able to enjoy life. Even more, the approach is to just enjoy what I am doing. Imagine someone who works or owns a brewery: almost every one of these persons are as happy as can be. Why? Cause they love what they do! There's nothing more to it -- you simply love the work, regardless of the income or the challenges.

I hope you stick around to read more honest posts from me, and learn a thing or two about The Beer Money Method.

I am ready to start living The Beer Money Method, are you?

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