Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feeling Thirsty For Online Income?

I want to help breakdown the methodology for my blog, The Beer Money Method.

First, I actually have been doing the online/freelance work gig since 2005. I have learned many things, but there are certainly tons more that I have not even discovered yet. So, I'll be sure to have posts on both what I know, as well as what I am learning.

I want to take everything from a 'fresh, anew' approach. I think having this fresh mindset will be crucial to help live the epitomy of "The Beer Way."

Second, my approach on topics will be eclectic. I will have everything ranging from awesome new tools and resources to how I am budgeting my online earnings to ways I am keeping my sanity through the process.

Everything is going to be personal, honest, and real. I will not sugar-coat anything, from earnings to personal feelings. I am sure to fail at something. I am sure personal life will be challenged from this. However, that is what you, the reader, wants to see and hear about. Yes, it is awesome to hear success stories, but we also need to see the realities of failed attempts too.

Even more, this is just the beginning, and who knows how this will grow. Hopefully, you are sticking around the whole while!

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